Women’s Mastermind

Unlocking The Power of Authentic Feminine Leadership
Women's Mastermind
program introduction

Even the most confident and competent women leaders sometimes need time to step away and gain clarity about their roles. Leadership Development for Women challenges you to think about your identity as leader, choose what you want, and work intentionally to make it happen. While men and women are equally capable of effective leadership, research shows that we are strikingly different in how we promote our unique strengths and talents. Learn how you can strategically position yourself within the wider organisation as an influential and proactive leader. Gain the confidence to take risks, grab all opportunities for career progression, and exert greater influence over the choices you make. This is your opportunity to discuss and practice new ways of acting and thinking that matches your purpose, values, and self-concepts, resulting in a stronger vision of your leadership and where you want to go

program objectives
  • Gain clarity about your strengths and role as a women leader
  • Rewrite your perception of women in leadership roles
  • Authenticity: Examine your personal values and sense of purpose
  • Gain the confidence to promote yourself as a competent leader
  • Get them to understand ways of image of authority, executive presence, and influence
  • Learn how to build and leverage strategic networks
  • Create a strategic plan for your future development
Program Outline
Day 1
Introduction: the concept of leadership
  • Establishing a benchmark: Examining the journeys of successful female leaders
  •  What does society expect from its leaders?
  •  Explore dimensions of leadership
  • The operational context: How being a leader and being a woman interlink
Developing a collaborative competition mindset
  • Distinguish Between Male and Female Views of
  • Explain How Perfectionism Inhibits Competition
  • Describe How Feminine Qualities Can Be an Asset in Leadership
  • Describe a Collaborative Competition Mindset
Your identity as a leader: who you are is how you lead
  • Understanding different leadership styles and identifying your own
  • Your personal values and sense of purpose
  • Acknowledging and utilising your strengths and weaknesses as part of your leadership strategy
  • Leading with all you are: why being authentic creates the best leadership platform
  • The advantages of developing Emotional Intelligence competencies
  •  Men’s and women’s brains (neuro transmitters)
From the office to the boardroom: operating in the wider organisation
  • Building your presence and position as a leader
  •  Attitude, body language, voice
  • Your image: dressing for success as a strong professional woman
  • The rules of business: Understanding power dynamics and how gender comes into play
  • Build a wide and strategic network of mentors and champions who will promote your career
  • Making use of reciprocity without conforming to stereotypes
Day 2
Standing up for yourself: when your leadership is challenged
  • The fine art of female assertiveness
  • Where does assertiveness come into play as a women leader?
  • Dealing with challenges from colleagues
  • Dealing with a difficult boss
  • Putting your foot down with your team
  • Learning how to work with people you don’t like
  • Recover from losses quickly by learning to take things less personally
  • Tried and true strategies to diffuse conflict plus common mistakes
Leading a team
  • Leadership vs management
  • How your leadership style translates into team management
  • Building rapport with your teams whilst occupying the top spot
  • High performing team/what makes an effective team?
  • Knowing how and when to influence, inspire and motivate
  • Flexibility in control: Maintaining momentum whilst avoiding micro management
Executive presence: women create & achieve an image of authority
  • Learn how to overcome the difficulty of deciphering Executive Presence (EP) in male dominated organisations
  • Embody the winning leadership attributes.
  • Identify components of executive presence in their workplace: appearance, communication and gravitas to enable them use assertive language, personal image and body language to convey power, confidence and authority
Communicate as a leader
  • Why the power of your vision needs the power of your voice
  • 10 communication secrets of great leaders
  • Communicating with passion, influence, and confidence
  • People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care
  • Why and how men and women communicate differently
  • Introverts vs extroverts: where are you on the scale?
Becoming a master of opportunity management
  • How to take the lead in shaping conversations about your career
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by taking smart career risks
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and developing a more resilient mind set
  • A business and a life: Finding the best balance for you and your values
Program Outcome
The following fundamental NLP skills will be acquired in this program:
  • Reframing – to create an alternate way looking at a situation by changing its meaning
  • Anchoring – to add a specific external event to an internal experience
  • Rapport Building – to build instant and deep in communication
  • Visual Squash - simple and yet highly effective technique to resolve internal conflicts
  • Overcome female self-limiting patterns and understand sources of personal empowerment as a leader in the organisation
  • Power Cues: Understanding male leadership behaviour and leverage on this advantage
trainer profile

Dr. Dayana has been actively involved in soft-skills and technical training and consultancies for various global MNCs, GLCs, Governmental agencies, Statutory Bodies and Tertiary institutions since 2005. Her key expertise is in Behavioural Sciences, especially in Transformational Organisational and Customer Satisfaction programmes. Besides, she is also sought after for her Corporate English & Malay training, Personal Effectiveness & Empowerment, Corporate Branding and Communication programmes. Selected few of her signature programmes include which Conflict Management and Collaboration, Art of Persuasion, Developing Professional Office Skills, Organisational Integrity and Ethics, Speak and Write Confidently, Stress & Time Management, Decoding Body Language and Sexual Harassment.

Being a certified bilingual trainer, Dr. Dayana’s Malay language programmes are particularly designed for
Governmental Agencies and higher learning intuitions on Penyediaan ke Alam Pekerjaan, Penyeliaan Berkesan, Memupuk Budaya & Nilai Korporat, Pengurusan Bencana, Kemahiran Membuat Keputusan & Perundingan Berkesan, Ketrampilan Diri & Etika Profesional Penjawat Awam, Pengurusan Konflik and Stres Kerja.

Coming from a diverse background and experiences, Dr. Dayana’s previous and present clientele include Iris Corporation Berhad, Sime Darby Plantation, TNB Research Berhad, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), MyTekun, Rockwool Malaysia, Brunei Investment Agency, Al Bukhary Group of companies, Accenture, POS Malaysia, PERODUA, DRB Hicom, MEPS, GMI, MAHSA, KDU, TAR UC, UM, UPM, EMS Language Academy, Accreditation Services International GmbH Germany, Swift Support Services, Tokio Marine, Kementerian Belia & Sukan, Dept. of Statistics Malaysia, MINDEF, DOF, LHDN, MAQIS, Institut Sukan Negara, RELA, FAMA, Jab. Veterinar, INSPEKA, Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru, Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, NAFAS, Jab. Pertanian, Jab. Pendaftaran Negara dan Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia.

Being able to connect, engage and train C-suites, Executives and Non-Executives have been her forte qualifying her to conduct private coaching & Communication sessions for top management for Learnlight London, Megapower Le Grand, E & Y, Celcom Planet, Sogo Plastic, CJ Korea Express, Thales Malaysia, Ericson, KK Supermart Group of Companies, Warner Music and Opus International.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, Dr Dayana has ventured into virtual team building and have strategically designed virtual activities and team challenges which provide communication while reinforcing a shared team identity to DOW Chemical Int., Bank Negara, Sime Darby, City Link, Coway, CIMA Industries, AFK, IPE Net, Sunway Mall, Comfori and Berjaya.

Professionally, Dr. Dayana is an International Licensed Trainer (F2F and virtual) for MWS, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a DiSC Professional Facilitator, NLP Practitioner (currently completing Master NLP), a Certified NLP Sales Professional, a Certified Professional Body Language Analyser (CPBLA), Certified NIOSH Train the Trainer, HRDF approved trainer, a qualified In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT), a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) and Certified IGCSE Cambridge for Life Instructor (CELF). She is also active as the founding member and currently is the Honorary Secretary of the Consultants and Business Management Research Association (CBMRA) plus a member of the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia (AHPM) and Malaysia Association of Professional Trainers & Coaches (MAPTaC).

workshop schedule
Registration 0830
Workshop commences 0900
Morning refreshment 1030
Workshop resumes 1045
Luncheon 1300
Workshop resumes 1400
Afternoon refreshment 1500
Workshop resumes 1545
End of the day 1715

This program is fully HRDF claimable.

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