Less Administration There is less to think about when organising public training in comparison with In-House training, as the training company is responsible for the whole event. Location, equipment, finding the right trainer and caterer for refreshments are all handled by the company. If you engage our services, we will also manage all booking forms and cancellations – leaving you with even less to worry about!

External Networking Public scheduled training allows your employees to socialize with people from other companies and backgrounds. This can be useful for networking as useful contacts can be made that could be might be referred at a later date. The other big advantage is that people from other companies and backgrounds will likely offer different approaches and viewpoints – therefore giving even more to consider in the training session and more to learn. It is always useful to keep up with best practice in the industry.

Lack of Distractions Once you have sent your employees on a public scheduled course, they are free from any responsibilities of their usual day to day activities. Employees simply won’t be able to be dragged out of the training if something comes up as they won’t be in the building. Therefore you know all of your employees will have nothing to stop them from spending all day and all of their attention on the training. Also, a break from familiar surroundings can help invigorate people and help them focus.

Variance An external trainer on a public scheduled course who has little ties or knowledge of your company may be able to give a fresh perspective to any issue without being bias. They will likely provide recommendations that are completely different to what you are used to in your company that can help broaden your understanding of a subject. This new insight will be helpful in your communication back to your company.

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