How To Coach And Manage Subordinates To Higher Productivity


Managers talk about higher productivity.  Those are end results, the reason for their being managers.  However, end results don’t happen when the means to these end results, the journey towards these end results, are not there. To achieve higher productivity, managers need to know how to effectively manage their departments.  Effective management is the key.  Management is leadership in action.

This very helpful, practical training course is available now in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia, organised by Big Berry Consulting

By the end of the course, participants will be able to
  • Understand your Number One job priority as a manager
  • Understanding your subordinates' needs
  • Learn what Gallup Organization discovered about talent management
  • Understand the concepts of talent management
  • Understand how your people think and make decisions
  • Discover and understand your own thinking preferences as a manager
  • Analyse your strengths and areas of concern in relation to your thinking preferences.
  • Realize why effective communication is vital to success as a manager.
  • Learn how to earn your subordinates' S.T.A.R. (Support, Trust, Admiration & Respect)
  • Know what Emotional Intelligence is and why it is important to people management
  • Learn the six strategies for having high EI

This program is fully HRDF claimable.

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