Fixed Assets & Capital Equipment Management And Tracking System With An Overview Of Iso55000

Good asset management maximizes value-for-money for stakeholders, whether public or private sector. It involves planning, coordination, asset selection, acquisition/development, utilization, maintenance management and finally the disposal or decommissioning of assets.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how fixed assets and capital equipment’s are managed better by having in a structured approach. Maintenance, engineering or IT departments have a major role in ensuring the optimal performance of critical equipment’s.

This very helpful, practical training course is available now in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia, organised by Big Berry Consulting

By the end of this course, participants will be able to
  • Physical management of assets, whether the assets are localized or spatial assets, through efficient coding and tagging systems
  • Maintaining fixed assets registry – ensuring all assets are accounted for and managed through an efficient system of recording right from acquisition to disposal
  • Asset Life Cycle Model/Asset Whole Life Model that helps to formulate appropriate maintenance strategies and expose the organization to asset risk analysis
  • Financial perspective of asset management – looks at the cost of acquisition, time value of money and other commonly overlooked costs in managing assets throughout its productive life
  • Situation audit and periodic inventory auditing to ensure physical controls exist and custodians take responsibility of the assets under their charge

This program is fully HRDF claimable.

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